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Cholera Epidemics in the 19th Century

The Great Plague of London, 1665

The Boston Smallpox Epidemic, 1721

“Pestilence” and the Printed Books of the Late 15th Century

Spanish Influenza in North America, 1918–1919

Syphilis, 1494–1923

Tropical Diseases and the Construction of the Panama Canal, 1904–1914

Tuberculosis in Europe and North America, 1800–1922

The Yellow Fever Epidemic in Philadelphia, 1793

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Related Links


Related Links

The selection of web sites listed on this page is intended for use by researchers, teachers, students, or anyone interested in learning more about issues related to contagion. Some are historical web sites similar to Contagion: Historical Views of Diseases and Epidemics that provide access to research guides and online documents and records.

The links on this page are selected for their unique or thorough contributions to the topic, and sites produced by governmental, cultural, or academic institutions have been favored.

Other Harvard Sites

Center for the History of Medicine/Countway Library of Medicine—Harvard Medical School

The Collection of Historical Scientific Instruments at Harvard University
Department of the History of Science/Faculty of Arts and Sciences—Harvard University

Department of the History of Science/Faculty of Arts and Sciences—Harvard University


General Information—National and International Organizations and Agencies

American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

International Leprosy Association—Global Project on the History of Leprosy

National Science and Technology Council—Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases—Articles—Medicine

Pan American Health Organization

United States Department of Health and Human Services—National Institutes of Health

World Health Organization


General Information—Libraries, Archives, and Museums

American Museum of Natural History—Epidemic! The World of Infectious Diseases

Bibliotheque Interuniversitaire de Medecine et D’odontologie—Histoire de la Medicine et de l’art dentaire

Cimento Academy/Institute and Museum of the History of Science—Digital Library

Dittrick Medical History Center/Case Western Reserve University—College of Arts and Sciences
“Medical museums, archives, and libraries in the United States”

Karolinska Institutet—History of Diseases

Les Bibliotheques Virtuelle Humanistes

The Library of Congress—American Memory

Medical History of British India Collection—National Library of Scotland

New York University—Literature, Arts and Medicine Database—What’s New

United States National Library of Medicine

Wellcome Library

World Health Organization Historical Collection


Historical Perspectives on Selected Diseases and Epidemics


The Buffalonian—The Cholera Epidemic of 1832 in Buffalo

Cholera Online: A Modern Pandemic in Texts and Images

German History in Documents and Images—Cholera Epidemic in Hamburg (1892)

University of Alabama at Birmingham—Reynolds Historical Library—Cholera in Bham

University of California, Los Angeles—Department of Epidemiology School of Public Health—John Snow



The Center for the History of Medicine (CHM)—University of Michigan Medical School—Influenza Digital Archive
“1918 Spanish Influenza Outbreak: The Enemy Within”

National Archives and Records Administration—The Deadly Virus—The Influenza Epidemic of 1918

PBS/The American Experience
“Influenza 1918”

Stanford University
“The Influenza Pandemic of 1918”

United States Department of Health and Human Services—The Great Pandemic, The United States 1918–1919

[US] Navy Department Library
“Influenza of 1918 (Spanish Flu) and the US Navy”



Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—History of Malaria

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—Panama Canal

Malaria Site—Sir Ronald Ross (1857–1932)

World Health Organization—Historical Collection, Malaria



Brown University—Department of Italian Studies—Decameron Web
“The Plague”



British Broadcasting Corporation—British History, Empire and Sea Power—Smallpox: Eradicating the Scourge

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention—Smallpox

The Wellcome Trust Centre for History of Medicine at University College London—The Control and Eradication of Smallpox in South Asia



Adirondack Museum—“The Wilderness Cure”

Adirondack Museum—“Tuberculosis: Curing in the Adirondacks”

Nature Medicine—Special Focus on Tuberculosis

Yellow Fever

Atwater Kent Museum of Philadelphia—City History Lesson—Yellow Fever Epidemic of 1793

Carpenters’ Hall Historic Philadelphia, Pennsylvania—The Yellow Fever Connection

PBS/Africans in America/Resource Bank
“The Yellow Fever Epidemic, 1793”

PBS/The American Experience
“The Great Fever”

Philip S. Hench Walter Reed Yellow Fever Collection

University of Virginia Health System
“Yellow Fever and the Reed Commission, 1898–1901”



The Journal of the American Medical Association

The New England Journal of Medicine—History of Medicine

Scientific American


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