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Notable People

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  Abbott, Edith Social worker and educator  
  Addams, Jane Reformer  
  Barton, Clara Founder of the American Red Cross  
  Beard, Mary Historian and campaigner  
  Beecher, Catharine Author and women's rights activist  
  Blackwell, Elizabeth Physician and author  
  Bosworth, Louise Marion Researcher  
  Brandeis, Louis D. Lawyer and Supreme Court Justice  
  Campbell, Helen Stuart Writer  
  Chadwick, James R. Doctor and women's health expert  
  Fiske, Minne Maddern Actress  
  Fleming, Williamina Paton Stevens Astronomer (Harvard College Observatory "Computer")  
  Gay, E. Jane Photographer  
  Gilder, Jeannette Journalist  
  Goldmark, Josephine Clara Author and legal expert  
  Greene, H. Farmer  
  Grimké, Sarah and Angelina Weld Abolitionists and women's rights activists  
  Henry, Alice Labor reformer  
  Holley, Marietta Author and humorist  
  Howe, Julia Ward Writer and rights activist  
  Hull, Josephine Sherwood Actress  
  Jacobi, Mary Putnam Physician  
  Kelley, Florence Reformer and activisit  
  Kemble, Fanny Actress  
  Kingsley, Delia Schoolteacher  
  McCulloch, Catharine Waugh Lawyer  
  Mitchell, Maria Astronomer  
  Myrick, Hanna Glidden Physician  
  O'Hare, Kate Richards Socialist and antiwar activist  
  Peabody, Francis Greenwood Minister and Harvard faculty member  
  Pinkham, Lydia Entrepreneur  
  Richards, Ellen Chemist  
  Sanger, Margaret Nurse and birth-control activist  
  Schoedler, Lillian Secretary  
  Shouse, Catherine Filene Researcher and philanthropist  
  Stanton, Elizabeth Cady Reformer and suffragist  
  Stone, Lucy Reformer and suffragist  
  Tarbell, Ida Journalist and lecturer  
  Wheeler, Candace Interior designer  
  Willard, Emma Educational reformer  
  Willard, Frances Temperance leader and reformer  
  Woodhull, Victoria Women's rights activist  
  Wright, Carroll Davidson Statistician and labor expert  
  Zakrzewska, Dr. Marie Elizabeth Physician and medical educator